Smart LED Ear Wax Removal Tool Kit with Camera & 6 Lights

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Discover the future of ear hygiene with our revolutionary Smart LED Earwax Removal Tool, featuring an integrated camera and six illuminating lights. Designed for your utmost safety and convenience, this state-of-the-art device is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, ensuring operation at a secure low voltage of ≤36V.

Crafted from premium silicone, our tool is completely free from harmful formaldehyde, boasting a sleek, USB-powered design that's ideal for daily use. With real-time imaging available through a connected app, you can now achieve a thoroughly clean ear canal without risking damage.

The tool's 304 stainless steel construction is meticulously designed for durability and ease, allowing for the gentle extraction of even the most stubborn earwax accumulations. Enhanced with waterproof capabilities and equipped with six vibrant LED lights, this tool not only looks good but feels incredible to use. Make the smart choice for a cleaner, healthier ear canal with our innovative earwax removal solution.

Built in Camera

with bright LED lights

Removal Tools

all in one kit

Waterproof Design

durable and versatile


safe for all ages

Clear Vision, Clear Ears: No More Guessing

With the built-in camera and bright LED lights, this Smart Earwax Removal Tool lets you see exactly what you're doing inside your ear. No more poking around in the dark, risking irritation or injury. It's like having a guided tour of your own ear canal.

Precision Cleaning at Its Finest

The combination of the camera's clear view and the tool's gentle yet effective design ensures a thorough clean every time. Say hello to the comfort of knowing your ears are truly clean, without the worry of leaving any wax buildup behind.

Designed for Everyone in the Family

From the tech-savvy teen to the gadget-loving grandparent, this tool is incredibly user-friendly and safe for all ages. Its sleek design and ease of use make ear cleaning a hassle-free routine for the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Smart LED Earwax Removal Tool safe for kids?

Absolutely! The tool is designed with safety in mind, featuring gentle ear scoops suitable for all ages. However, we do recommend adult supervision for children to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

How do I clean the tool after use?

Cleaning is a breeze. Simply detach the ear scoop and rinse it under warm water. For the camera and LED lights, a quick wipe with an alcohol pad will do the trick, ensuring everything is hygienic for the next use.

Can I use the tool if I have ear piercings?

Yes, you can. The tool is designed to be gentle and precise, allowing you to navigate around piercings easily. Just proceed with a bit of extra caution and you'll be fine.

How long does the battery last?

The tool is built to last through several cleaning sessions on a single charge, ensuring you don't get left in the lurch mid-clean. You can typically expect the battery to last for multiple weeks with regular use.

Is the camera's live feed laggy?

Not at all! The camera is designed to provide a smooth, real-time view of your ear canal, so you can make precise movements without delay. It's all about making the cleaning process as comfortable and effective as possible.

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